Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Spellbound by Eric Garza

This Sunday, the luxelab family stood behind one of their own, Eric Garza, as he presented his creative vision "Spellbound", which showcased the culmination of all his hard work from years of intensive education. This darkly haunting, yet strikingly beautiful runway event was a testament to the LuxeLab philosophy of success through nurturing, collaboration and education.   
Check out the pics to see how Phillip Manzaneras and Katia Guiterez, transformed 1410 Montana Ave into a dark forest where Eric's models held  us entranced as they stomped the runway. See amazing hair by Eric, inspiring make-up by Moises, and Craig Wcislo's one of a kind fashion creations. 
Special thanks to David Abrams, Jason Lara, Cheryl Gibson and the entire Luxelab education team for aiding Eric on his path. But most of all, congratulations to Eric. May all of your clients be held as "Spellbound" as we were....

Eric getting one of his models ready

Craig Wcislo adjusting an outfit

Eric with his models

Eric Garza with Jason Lara, David Abrams, Shawn Cunningham and Jenny Devine

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