Wednesday, May 28, 2014

L'Oréal Professionnel Hair and Art Event

An education event turned creative art gallery experience......inspired by the Modern Bouffant and 1960's Parisian glamour, Luxelab turned your run of the mill product knowledge class into a creative project that pushed all boundaries. Each of our five salons presented two looks showcasing the L'Oreal Professionnel Series Expert Line. Groups of stylists were led by docents through the gallery like installations and transported from a French topiary garden to an edgy art studio to a dreamlike representation of Melvyn Sokolsky's Bubble Series published in a 1960's Harper's Bazaar edition. Also visited was a futuristic sensory experience and a sexy boudoir shared by the likes of Peggy Moffit and Bridgit Bardot. Mary Quant inspired paper outfits were hand stitched by Luxelab’s very own Craig Wcislo.  Who said learning isn't fun?
luxelab Stylist Ozzie Morales with model
Photogropher Keli Squires Photo
Photographer Gary Westby Photographer

luxelab Bel Air's Stylist Eric Garza
Gary Westby Photography
Gary Westby Photography
Paper dresses by luxelab Stylist Craig Wcislo

Keli Squires Photography

Micheal Sampson Vice President of Sales L'Oréal Professionnel with models.
Keli Squiers Photography

luxelab Montana Ave Team
artLAB Model

artLAB Salon

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sweeping Summer Upstyles

Need a quick pick me up? Start with your hair. Let you and your hair get swept up just in time for June weddings, Senior proms and the heat of Summer by our expert team of Stylists. They will inspire you to pull your long, hot hair off your shoulders, away from your face, and into stunning style. Walking the sexy line between polished and undone, here are some of our favorite looks created by the luxelab team from this year.

Beautiful braid demo by Master Stylist Lauren Sill at Luxelab

A gorgeous twist on a classic top knot upstyle created by Megan Last
A feminine and edgy luxe collab: Blow dry byAlexander Maud at Luxelab braid by Lauren Sill at Luxelab 
A beautiful modern sweeping french braid created by Master Stylist Craig Wcislo at luxelab

Braided mohawk by luxelab Stylist Alexander Maud

Updo by Lauren Sill for the Shu Uemura "Art of Braiding" class 

Braided bun by Luxelab Bel Air Stylist Tonya Le for Bibhu Mohapatra

Square bun by Luxelab Stylist Jen Beckerman

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sharp+Pen Art For Sale

Sharp + Pen Street artists share their inspiration behind the art pieces currently on display and for sale at artLAB Salon. Please contact artLAB or stop in with an inquires 310-393-0011. 

Joshua "Ahoi" Reyes
I am a LA native but can't claim a specific part of Los Angeles as my own, I'm somewhat of a LA gypsy. In my travels as a kid in Los Angeles I fell in love with trains, brick walls and graffiti, these are my inspirations.

Email:            Instagram: alohahoi

Scat $150.00
Postal $50.00
Square $80.00
Gina $150.00

Born and raised on the west side, Santa Monica. My name is "Skoler", I began tagging as a 6th grader and got introduced to spray paint in 8th grade after that it just became my life. I always loved Hip Hop and wanted to be part of it, I took graffiti as my element. Graffiti took over made me who I am and it's always going to be there for me.
Both my pieces are inspired by music and both black Sharpie marker and ball point pen. 

Email:          Instagram: skolersm

The Sharp+Pen Artists 

I go by "Socko" but my name is Compa Junior, I'm from the South Los Angeles area. I've been into art, drawing and lettering since I was in High School around 2004 and started doing graffiti in 2007.
These two pieces are inspired by my name and done entirely with black Sharpie marker on paper. 

Email:       Instagram: elcompajr

Socks (on left) $75.00 / S (on right) $50.00

TahoeMy name is Lowen Steven, I'm a recording and graffiti artist that goes by the moniker "Tahoe". I'm born and raised in Los Angeles, these pieces are inspired by the rugged LA aesthetic of aggressive lettering with a flair wild style. Both pieces were done with black Sharpie marker, black ball point pen, and warm grey 50% Prismacolor on cardstock.

Twitter: tahoe17                               Instagram: photahoe

Tahoe $100.00

Tahoe (framed) $80.00

Raised in Westlake district showed me the other side of Los Angeles, the not-so-glamorous side that people tend to overlook. Growing up in crime infested communities, I needed an outlet to be creative or succumb to the streets. Hip-Hop culture gave me that outlet; specifically Calligraphy Art, it saved my life. In 2006 I enrolled in LATTC with no high school diploma, just a backpack with markers and a sketch pad. I transferred to UCLA with a full scholarship where I earned a BFA degree in Studio Art.
Los Angeles has given me an interest in the experiences of life and social relationships that play throughout our diverse city. I convey ideas and environments that have captured my interest, interpreting them in my own perspective. I explore class, culture and how they sometimes mix to become pop- culture. This body of work has its own story, its own narrative; unique as the people and topography here in Los Angeles.

Louie $900.00 (made out of a vintage LV purse)

Cholo $170.00 / Pooch $170.00

Friday, May 16, 2014

Burlesque Babe

Thank you iD Magazine for inspiring our new look for the year, Modern Showgirl. The choppy cut and glitter eyeshadow are the perfect touches to vintage follies looks paired with the edgiest outerwear. Come get lost in our world of sequins and rock 'n roll.  

Monday, May 5, 2014

artLAB Sharp + Pen Event

artLAB's Sharp + Pen art event this past weekend took street art into a gallery setting with the fusion of graffiti and fine art. The multi media event featured DJ, video projections, photographs, paintings by artists Ahoi, Geti, Roar, Socko, Tahoe among others as well as an interactive collaborative art piece installation by our very own Phillip Manz. The installation invited guests to reimagine history in the form of renaming classic works of literature using graffiti art with an urbane sensibility. Says Manz of his piece: "I just wanted to take the idea of pen, paper, ink and think...! The written word... Titles... Titles... Everything has to have a title... Words as weapons... Sketch and stretch the mind... Words that make us weep now and then... Words that sweep you off your feet... Behold... another book in the wall".

Once again artLAB Salon created it's signature fusion between art and hair. The installation will be on view till the end of May.