Monday, May 5, 2014

artLAB Sharp + Pen Event

artLAB's Sharp + Pen art event this past weekend took street art into a gallery setting with the fusion of graffiti and fine art. The multi media event featured DJ, video projections, photographs, paintings by artists Ahoi, Geti, Roar, Socko, Tahoe among others as well as an interactive collaborative art piece installation by our very own Phillip Manz. The installation invited guests to reimagine history in the form of renaming classic works of literature using graffiti art with an urbane sensibility. Says Manz of his piece: "I just wanted to take the idea of pen, paper, ink and think...! The written word... Titles... Titles... Everything has to have a title... Words as weapons... Sketch and stretch the mind... Words that make us weep now and then... Words that sweep you off your feet... Behold... another book in the wall".

Once again artLAB Salon created it's signature fusion between art and hair. The installation will be on view till the end of May.

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