Monday, May 19, 2014

Sharp+Pen Art For Sale

Sharp + Pen Street artists share their inspiration behind the art pieces currently on display and for sale at artLAB Salon. Please contact artLAB or stop in with an inquires 310-393-0011. 

Joshua "Ahoi" Reyes
I am a LA native but can't claim a specific part of Los Angeles as my own, I'm somewhat of a LA gypsy. In my travels as a kid in Los Angeles I fell in love with trains, brick walls and graffiti, these are my inspirations.

Email:            Instagram: alohahoi

Scat $150.00
Postal $50.00
Square $80.00
Gina $150.00

Born and raised on the west side, Santa Monica. My name is "Skoler", I began tagging as a 6th grader and got introduced to spray paint in 8th grade after that it just became my life. I always loved Hip Hop and wanted to be part of it, I took graffiti as my element. Graffiti took over made me who I am and it's always going to be there for me.
Both my pieces are inspired by music and both black Sharpie marker and ball point pen. 

Email:          Instagram: skolersm

The Sharp+Pen Artists 

I go by "Socko" but my name is Compa Junior, I'm from the South Los Angeles area. I've been into art, drawing and lettering since I was in High School around 2004 and started doing graffiti in 2007.
These two pieces are inspired by my name and done entirely with black Sharpie marker on paper. 

Email:       Instagram: elcompajr

Socks (on left) $75.00 / S (on right) $50.00

TahoeMy name is Lowen Steven, I'm a recording and graffiti artist that goes by the moniker "Tahoe". I'm born and raised in Los Angeles, these pieces are inspired by the rugged LA aesthetic of aggressive lettering with a flair wild style. Both pieces were done with black Sharpie marker, black ball point pen, and warm grey 50% Prismacolor on cardstock.

Twitter: tahoe17                               Instagram: photahoe

Tahoe $100.00

Tahoe (framed) $80.00

Raised in Westlake district showed me the other side of Los Angeles, the not-so-glamorous side that people tend to overlook. Growing up in crime infested communities, I needed an outlet to be creative or succumb to the streets. Hip-Hop culture gave me that outlet; specifically Calligraphy Art, it saved my life. In 2006 I enrolled in LATTC with no high school diploma, just a backpack with markers and a sketch pad. I transferred to UCLA with a full scholarship where I earned a BFA degree in Studio Art.
Los Angeles has given me an interest in the experiences of life and social relationships that play throughout our diverse city. I convey ideas and environments that have captured my interest, interpreting them in my own perspective. I explore class, culture and how they sometimes mix to become pop- culture. This body of work has its own story, its own narrative; unique as the people and topography here in Los Angeles.

Louie $900.00 (made out of a vintage LV purse)

Cholo $170.00 / Pooch $170.00

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