Monday, July 29, 2013

4 Great Summer 2013 Sun Screens

SPF is just one factor in choosing (and wearing) a sunscreen. How a sunblock smells, feels, and works with your makeup determines whether you'll actually rub it in. Here are creams to try this summer.

A seriously hydrating sunscreen that helps coddle sun, chlorine and beach-dried skin, the formula is light despite the high SPF. Bonus: a light botanical fragrance.

What appears to be a creamy white lotion out of the bottle actually feels light as you apply it—surprising for SPF 50. It leaves skin smooth and dewy, plus it's packed with a handful of antioxidants (goji berry, vitamin E, and einkorn wheat) for additional anti-aging benefits.

The barely there, tinted mineral formula evens out minor imperfections on the face and body, and the superthin fluid is so delicate, you won't believe it's an SPF 50—with semimatte coverage, nonetheless.


Fortified with a marine plankton derivative used to energize skin cells, this paraben-free formula increases skin's resistance to extreme environments (think dog days of the desert). The thin white cream is ideal for active types: It's water, sweat, and rub-off resistant.

Recommended by Ozzie Morales at Luxelab, Editorial Stylist and Makeup Artist

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