Saturday, July 27, 2013

Braided and Unbridled

1. Prep towel-dried hair with a volumizing Blow Dry Lotion like B&B Thickening Spray or Oribe Maximista. Rough-dry and made a deep side part. 

2. Section the hair into two parts: a front section going from the side part, over the crown and to the right ear, and a back section going from just behind the other ear to the nape of the neck.

3. Begin French braiding the front section of your hair, starting at the part and ending behind your right ear. Secure the first braid with an elastic, leaving the length out. Braid the second section the same way, adding the hair from the crown into the braid as you go. When you reach the base of the first braid, incorporate the length into the second braid and hide the end of the braid by pinning it into the base of the second braid.

4. Once your braids are secure, use your fingers and loosen them throughout to create a relaxed feeling. Add a few more pins for hold and set with a heavy dose of a Fine Mist Hairspray like Oribe’s Superfine Hairspray.

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