Thursday, November 29, 2012

Men's Week - Dylan Rieder

Today we go in a slightly different direction and highlight a skateboarder in honor of our men's week. We have Dylan Rieder, a Los Angeles native who's been making waves in the skate scene since his early teens. He's known for riding fast and hard, but is also known for the uncommon fact that he doesn't compete.  Rieder recently rode for Gravis and Analog but is currently a free agent, judging by his popularity he'll probably be scooped up by a big company soon. Rieder is known for his unique style while skating, always sporting rolled up pants paired with his Gravis "Dylan" kicks, he's definitely  been embraced by the fashion industry recently posing for Vogue's September issue and the Winter '12 Equipment Homme look book. On top of his busy skating career Rieder is a partner in NYC antique shop "The Hunt" which serves those with a darker aesthetic.

Take a look at the newly shot video by Desillusion and get know Dylan (and his naked torso) a little better...

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