Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sombré Style

Looking for a little update? Why not try this hot new trend that’s here to stay! The Sombré (subtle + Ombré), is a not only more modern and wearable take on the Ombré, but the single most low-maintenance way to achieve fashion forward color. 

Luxelab Lead Color Educator, Amanda Gonsoulin demonstrates this beautiful and specialized color technique on Stephanie (pictured) by hand painting seamless, warm golden highlights to give a natural sun-kissed look. Then, by adding some light bits around her face, Amanda softens Stephanie’s dark brown hair, but maintains her overall rich brown color. She recommends this look for anyone looking for natural grow out with easy maintenance. The goal is to give the hair tons of depth and dimension without disturbing its natural base color. For the color squeamish, Amanda recommends starting off by "balayaging a few key pieces on the ends of the hair to ease your way in. Then if you like it, add in a few more when you go back to have your color touched up". Simple, right?

To get this look customized for you, simply call Luxelab and have Amanda or any of our color experts who will use L’Oreal’s revolutionary ammonia-free INOA line to transform your hair color, while keeping it healthier than you ever thought possible!

Subtle never felt so exciting!

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