Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Purple Pixie Passion: Lauren Sill’s Beauty Launchpad Web Exclusive

Leading industry magazine Beauty Launchpad features luxelab Montana’s very own Lauren Sill. Read the web exclusive here:

Luxelab’s Master Stylist, resident Kerastase Tech Artist, Shu Uemura Educator and all around Hair Hero Lauren Sill Created these striking evolutions of Melody's classic pixie cut and eye-popping color.

Beginning with the color, Lauren began by isolating and pre-lightening the vibrant areas with L’Oreal Platinium Blue with 20 volume developer to a pale yellow. She then applied a mixture of 1/4 violet and 3/4 pastel lavender from Pravana to the pre-lightened area to achieve the beautiful bright pop of purple. To make it really stand out she also applied a formula consisting of 1/2 4.26, 1/2 3N and a 1 inch ribbon of violet mixer from L’Oreal Professionel’s Richesse line with a 9 volume developer to the other side.

She then cut Melody’s hair by leaving a disconnected a-line bob shape on one side of the top, which sits over a shorter, more classic pixie cut underneath and connected them in the nape with an asymmetric hairline shape. She then added a texturized micro-fringe for the finishing touch.

The style was achieved by applying Kerastas’s Chroma Thermique and wrapping her hair with a 7 row Denman brush in both directions to create soft, natural root movement and shine. She then used a large round brush on the long side to insure a smooth, consistent look. For the finishing touch she applied Touch of Gloss from Shu Uemura throughout the top and fringe for a mirror finish.

Since the original cut, Lauren has had a lot of fun changing up Melody's color and cut. Check out the evolution of Melody's pixie in the images below!  

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