Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mens Week - A$AP Rocky

Rock music and fashion have always been a tried and true combination, designers seem to always be drawing inspiration from bands like the Stones or Iggy. But can the same be said about rappers, or in contrast which designers rappers find inspiration from? There's a new breed of emerging rappers who've ditched the Gucci and Louis, instead showing interest in Margiela and Owens. The most notable leader of this pack is the 24 year old rapper A$AP Rocky, a Harlem native who likes to name drop Raf Simons and Alexander Wang in his songs. Thankfully this emerging artist also dresses the part and has an extensive knowledge on the designers he raps about. He's mentioned in many interviews that his look is something he's curated and worn long before it was a trend within his neighborhood. We personally love the way he mixes designer pieces from Givenchy and Balmain with kicks and a cap, it provides a refreshing a look to an industry that's been long drowned by oversized shapeless T's and jeans.

Here's his video for his new single "Goldie" shot in Paris, we really like the cropped sweater layered over a T and his favorite Comme des F*ck Down beanie.

"With clothes, I like mixing what different designers do until it becomes a personal expression of how I'm feeling that day. This vest is by Skingraft". 

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