Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Last Saturday artLAB Salon hosted its very first art event featuring work from artists Natalie Pukasemvarangkoon and Lorri Deyer. Installations included sculptural pieces created with hair, sound installations, interactive portraits and an idea truck, where guests were encouraged to feast on the exchange of ideas. 

The event highlighted "the details within a salon, bringing attention to places where we do not normally look". By focusing on the physical building, a look between the mirrors instead of at them and ultimately a process of moving the background into the foreground, “the idea of reversal becomes paramount”. Culminating the evening was a live performance piece from Natalie Pukasemvarangkoon combining hair color, oil paint and a live easel to create a distinctive work of art. 

To experience the salon ritual in a new light, visit artLAB salon. Exhibit showcased till February 18th.

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