Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Shoe Fantasies

We are excited to introduce Nancy Batlin dear friend and Guest Style Curator for Style Council:

"I've had an obsession with style and beautiful things since I was six, drawing stick figure runway models and forecasting the coming trends with my crayola palate. But it wasn't until I was living in London, during my long stint as a corporate Creative Director, that I finally faced the dream head-on of immersing my life into the world of beautiful things. My obsession loomed large as I wandered from shop to shop, admiring beautiful things and drinking in the scent of each boutique, along with draining my bank account. I knew the only way to reign my shopping habit in was to turn it into a career, spinning my passion into an asset instead of a fiscal nightmare. As visiting Style Curator to the Council’s blog, I'll share some of my latest obsessions and temptations with you, from my downtown lifestyle to my favorite haunt in Paris."


Every season I have my fashion obsessions. Shoes in particular. You can take any outfit and ratchet it
up with a fabulous pair of shoes. And they are, for me, as much an art form on my feet as an attitude.
Motorcycle boots are for walking in my hood downtown, meeting friends for a glass of wine – very Paris lifestyle in downtown LA. Then there’s the nights of dancing…..I don’t do flats which would seem practical, but I’m not that girl. I do towering heels or wedges to feel like a glamazon dancer. So what shoes am I stalking for spring? I’m feeling the open-toed boots with bare legs a lot this spring, with a “practical” flat thrown in for walking (my kind of practical!). Designers I’m obsessing over: Marsel, Ann Demeulemeester, Maison Martin Margiela, Chloe, LD Tuttle, Rick Owens and in my own backyard, SKINGRAFT’s gladiator wedges. Thought about keeping the gladiators a secret but, like any good shoe fanatic, I already have a size 7 reserved so I’ll share the shoes and Nick, the store manager. He’s fabulous and will reserve the shoes if you give him my name. And LOVE having SKINGRAFT within walking distant, however detrimental that is to my bank account!

Nancy, Lifestyle curator and shoe fanatic


Ann Demeulemeester


Rick Owens

LD Tuttle

Mason Martin Margiela


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